Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet

Attending live dance performances is both exciting and enriching. In February, several of our Ballet III and IV students participated in Oregon Ballet Theater’s student outreach program and saw excerpts from James Canfield’s Romeo and Juliet. They were particularly captured by the beauty and intimacy of the choreography during the famous balcony scene. Amelie Fulmer, Fiona Kaper, Kennadi Johnston, Kwynn Johnston, Andrew Hamel, and Marie Hamel were in attendance.

For the first time, several of our young dancers saw Body Vox live in concert. It is an internationally acclaimed modern dance company based out of Portland. The students absolutely loved the performance. They were completely enthralled by the witty humor, difficult partnering skills, fluid choreography, and clever videography entrenched throughout the dances. Travis Berrier, Andrew Hamel, Marie Hamel, Livvy Headly, and Fiona Kaper all attended the concert at the Walters Cultural Center located in downtown Hillsboro.

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