Why Hamel Dance?


If you are going to invest time and resources into your child’s training choose a studio that truly cares. Hamel Dance Academy brings experience, talent and compassion to the instruction of each student. Founder Christine Hamel firmly believes that the opportunity to dance should be affordable yet is committed to an environment that prioritizes exceptional training and individualized attention for each dance student. The results are undisputed.

Here’s what graduate Emily Rapp has to say about her experience at Hamel Dance Academy:

“During my training at Hamel Dance Academy I didn’t just learn to dance I learned how to express myself. Christine first taught me when I was five years old. Eleven years later, I realize how blessed I am to have learned from such an amazing, knowledgeable teacher. She gave me the foundation I needed to be the best I can be in dancing, and for life. From learning first position to trying on my first pair of pointe shoes, she has been there for me as she is for all of her students. Christine doesn’t just run an academy, but brings children of all ages together and helps them grow in their love for dance through her passion to teach and inspire. This past summer I attended the Joffrey program in New York City on a full scholarship.┬áNow I’m training as a pre-professional with The Portland Ballet, but I wouldn’t have made it here without her guidance and unending support.”
~ Emily Rapp (below)
former Hamel Dance Academy student